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  • Richard

    I started working with uber 4 years ago and was able to do it after my normal job to get out of debt. 3 years into working for uber I was laid off from my job and was thankful that I could spend my mornings doing job searches and my afternoons and evenings making money driving for Rideshare. There are slow times and busy times and so during the slow times it is great to have both apps open to double your chances to get a ride. Also, a fixed minimum wage would cheat us out of the money we would make on longer rides. For example, because I am experienced and know my city very well, I go to areas where I know I will get longer rides. So I get 25 mile rides one after the other very often. So 2 25 mile rides in a row take less than an hour and I make 50 dollars intermittently per hour and your proposal will cheat me out of the other 29 dollars that I would have made. I think you shouldn't punish the more savvy riders to satisfy the less savvy riders. That's the same as a school cancelling a sport because to kids on a sports team get into a fight instead of discouraging bad behavior and encouraging good behavior. I dont want benefits. I classify this job job on the same level as a fast food worker. You dont do it for a career. You do it as a supplement or as a kid in high school. It's not designed for being a main job. Leave it alone and dont change anything.

  • Joel

    I am 83, retired and a veteran. I drive for uber because it gives me the flexibility to drive when I want. My health is not great, so I need to be able to drive when I can, not on some schedule. The extra money I make is very valuable in catching up with unexpected bills and getting a meal out or a trip to the ball park. Don't take away this freedom. There are no other opportunities for me to work a flexible schedule

  • Khader

    I drive with uber to make extra money to pay my Bill's I do have a full time job so I don't need another one

  • Andres

    I been driving P/T for UBER for about 3 years....I have a full time job...I DON'T need another one...I am a 60 years old man..I drive to save money for my RETIREMENT...I like the FLEXABILITY to drive when & where want...if AB5 PASSES MOST likely THAT flexability would be taken away from US........We the DRIVERS should be allowed to CHOOSE.."VOTE" if we want to stay INDEPENDENT or NOT...It should be our choice..me ?..INDEPENDENT ALL THE WAY !!!!

  • Donald

    Being ones own boss is a democracy right.