Moving Work Forward In California

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  • Jorge

    Please keep us as independent drivers ! This is how I support my family and being able to create my own schedule allows me to be there for them when needed. Please dont let that happen.

  • Alexandria

    Please allow this work to be independent! I love being able to work around my best hours of the day and setting my own schedule. I am sure many other drivers are happy for this type of work.

  • Cheng

    Anyone that's a single parent knows how hard to juggle work and being able to be there with one phone call(kids,school or emergency etc.)me as a single dad with no help needs the flexibility Uber offers.

  • Charles

    Please keep us as independent as possible

  • DeWitt

    I am 84 years old and I have been driving for Uber for four years. I am sure that Uber is the best thing that could happen for me! What matters most is that I am able to work anywhere anytime. I am also a very active 84 year old man who does other projects in addition to driving for Uber. I am a Gospel Preacher, I am a Commercial Actor (Boostmobile TV Commercial Running Nationally) Uber affords me the opportunity to make ALL of my Auditions! Keep me independent for life!!!

  • James

    If you take away independent for driving with uber or any rideshare. I'm done. I don't need people telling me when to go to work. I did that for 40 years