Independent Driver
Reason 1098 to be an independant driver. The amount you receive in tips is totally controllable. I average about 18% in tips. It adds up, however you have to put forth the effort. The bottom line is "do unto others as you would have them do to you". Sound's simple, but its not. Just like I have said before, this is a business, and it is about customer service first, rides second. My customer service includes the following; gum-four flavors, mints, water, charging cords, tissue, paper and pen, tums, aspirin, pet treats and a bag of small toys to let small children pick from. My my biggest and best items are a guest log where people visiting can put a note in, and the brochere I created to give people that are visiting. So here is the question. So now that you understand how and why customer service matters in regard to tips, what do you think the individuals that want to be employees do for the riders in their car? I will answer my own question! NOT MUCH! If anything. Their just giving some rides!

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