Independent Driver
I have been an Uber driver for 5 years and it has saved my family. I know this sounds dramatic but it is true. I live in Southern California and the cost of living can be quite high even when you live a modest lifestyle. I have a full time job and so does my husband yet what we make still does not cover all of our expenses. Yes we could probably find ways to cut back on our spending even more but I like having the ability to go to a movie a couple of times a month or eat out when we feel like it. Uber has been the way in which we "fill the gap" and why it works for me is I have the ability to work when I want, where I want and for how long I want. This gives me the opportunity to be able to pay my bills yet still have the flexibility to be there for dinner at night, or school functions for my kid, or what ever else I need to do. What other job gives you that kind of flexibility? What other job allows you that much control over the amount of time and effort you want to put into it. I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN EMPLOYEE, period. It frustrates me to no end that a very small, I emphasize VERY SMALL, but vocal minority may have the ability to take away the thing that allows me to take care of my family. No one is forcing anyone to work for Uber. Uber is not cheating anyone because they are upfront when you sign up what the Terms of Service are. Uber allows you access to the platform, you sign on when you want to drive, you sign off when you don't. You get paid $X amount per mile and $X amount per minute and Uber will take X% in exchange for access to the platform.... it is that simple. If you do not like the terms of this agreement then DON'T DRIVE for Uber. Go find a job that pays what you think you should be paid in the way in which you think you should be paid. It is a free country, you have the ability to go and do that... no one is strapping you into your car and holding your family hostage and saying "Drive for Uber or we will hurt your family." You as a driver freely choose to do this and you can stop anytime you don't like the agreement. and go do something else. Uber does not owe you a living wage.... let me repeat... Uber does not owe you a living wage. You are responsible for your own destiny and your own choices. I work 3 jobs so I can take care of my family. STOP trying to take away my ability to choose what works for me. Do I wish that Uber paid a little more, sure. I wish my full time job paid a little more per hour but you don't see me walking into HR and demanding that they pay me $X per hour or I am going to sue them in court. I freely chose to drive for Uber knowing that they don't reimburse for gas, car maintenance, wear and tear on the vehicle. So did every other driver out there complaining. If Uber is legislatively forced to treat its independent contractors as employees it will have consequences that these short sighted individuals are going to complain about at least as much if not more. I want to keep my flexibility and independence. I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN EMPLOYEE.

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