Independent Driver
My top ten reasons for "NEVER" becoming an employee. Here is the foundation for my top ten reasons. I was an "employee" for 42 years. 1. You have no choice in any primary aspect of your job, no autonomy, you do what THEY want. 2. You make what THEY want to pay you. Don't kid yourself, it will not be close to what you think, yes I know what you are thinking I WONT HAVE ANY EXPENSES, that is a false narrative. It is not true (for a separate conversation). 3. You will drive when and where THEY want you to. Yes anytime anywhere. 4. You will never get overtime. THEY will have plenty of "employees" if you don't like it. 5. You will only be "on the clock" for about 35 hours a week. 6. You will recieve a REVIEW of your performce probally at least twice a year. Remember you work for THEM and there will be expectations for you to perform at certain levels, and if you do not them you may be FIRED! 7. You will pay taxes every paycheck. And you will not be able to deduct the end of year rideshare expenses because that is now part of your NORMAL job since you are an employee. 8. There is a possibilty you may even be supplied with a basic cheap, no options white car. This becomes a tax incentive for the company. 9. There will be a dress code that will be required. Well, you will get to deduct those expenses on your taxes. 10. Insurance will be available with a high front end amount you have to meet before you can even recieve benefits which will only be paid at 20%. And the premiums will be high. This is reality, this is the truth that individuls who want to be employees do not undetstand. The real question is WHY!

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