Independent Driver
Anytime government gets involved in business it pegs that business in time and Technology to the specific forces and concerns of that day such as the taxi industry which government regulation ran into the ground when it was no longer relevant as regulated. Uber must remain free from abusive cumbersome unnecessary regulation so that it can adapt readily to Market forces drivers will always be protected by the industry's demand for them and the competition for them with other job opportunities and industries there is no need for protection of workers under law in an industry where these workers are completely independent autonomous operating Enterprises such as Uber drivers we come and go as we please we sleep and eat on whatever schedule works best for us we support our families much better than any other entry level job would allow us and please don't come along with an argument the driving people from one place to another is some thing higher then an entry-level type position if you wish to protect workers from poverty you would raise the minimum wage for all California wage earners not just come shake the Uber tree as dozens of other ambulance-chasing lawyers and out-of-control legislative bodies have done before you. The fact that you hear people complaining is an American phenomenon with people complaining about everything under the sun we simply live in an ungrateful culture. It is possible to have a thankful culture such as in India where the most common pop music theme in the Hindi language of Bollywood is Zindagi the love of life itself the thankfulness for life itself. Uber is the closest thing to the American dream I have ever realized and thanks to Market forces July 2016 Uber lured me on board with a brand new vehicle costing me only $250 Uber gave me phenomenal bonuses throughout the three-year lease to make these car payments for me I literally drove the life of a brand new car for $250 195,000 miles 10000 rides payments covered by bonuses. You show me a McDonald's employee who got anything more than a paper hat you show me a security guard who wasn't charged for the uniform they are wearing you show me a nurse doctor or police officer that didn't have to buy their own uniform yet with Uber Market forces dictated I got a brand new car because they needed drivers at that time. Any legislation you attempt to impose will only create instability in the lives of countless Uber drivers whose children have now come to count on a yes when they ask for something they need as opposed to the know they often heard no matter how much overtime I worked prior to finding Uber

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