Independent Driver
I had driven for Uber & Uber Eats for about 2 years. Did everything in my power to provide passengers with a clean, safe ride and customers with fast prompt deliveries of their food. Until....... UBER Retaliatory deactivated me for following the TOS. I refused to transport an unaccompanied minor and reported it then my next ride was a man who as I was pulling up to his home he was heading down his driveway screaming at me " you damn drivers are always late " . I decided that with his attitude I rather not have him in my car and told him he would have to find another ride . I reported that also. Later that evening I received an email that I was deactivated and they would not provide me with a reason or communicate with me any more concerning the situation. This was unfair to me . Uber / Uber Eats drivers have no ability to defend themselves and Uber will not open a line of communication with drivers to learn the story.