Independent Driver
My name is Julie I live and work in San Diego California and I am a Diamond rated driver. I have medical bills and I am going to Classes I am also a Songwriter. I have been working as an independent contractor with Uber for 4 1/2 years now I could not be happier. To even suggest that flexibility might be taken away is just really a bad idea for those who have depended on and made Uber a Full time job and A means For financial security. I feel security in my job as a business. I have successfully secured loans and other commitments based on my full time Uber Independent Contractor Work. I am totally in committed to my work and my family also depends on this. I also love my job as an Uber driver. I have strategies and I have and disciplined work ethic. Please do not take away our job Status and make us into Employees as as this would not work Well for myself and many many others.