Independent Driver
I'm a Mother of two been a professional Driver for UBER is important for my family my 13 year old son has Asperger's and my 9 year old daughter has a spectrum of autism the flexibility I have to make it in my every day battle on learning how to be there more for my kids is very important for us as a family. I graduated from college with owners as a medical assistant and still couldn't provide the love and care my kids needed from me because I was a slave to a job the flexibility that UBER has given me as a mother has given my kids there time we'll spend with therapy that we couldn't do before because I had to be at work, there father and I are the only ones helping with there growth no one helps us we are both UBER drivers because we take turns in the day so my kid have there parents involved with every step they take forward we are not millionaires and we are not becoming millionaires by being professional UBER drivers we are just scraping by to make ends meet for our family to be able to be United and strong as one.