Independent Driver
The Uber concept has revolutionized the ride-sharing idea; as a user I support the efforts that takes to move me safely from point a to point in short notice. As an independent driver I do what they've done for me; the ability of a flex schedule is innovative and the life blood of the ride share concept; as driver's we know there are other benefits that Uber folks make available from education tuition to money saving promotions via the gobank. Our legislators are basically trying ways to increase our states revenue on our work and effort, I feel they as legislators should work on saving the state from higher expenditures, we need to have an ecological focus as to how we drive our states intake and outgive economically speaking; there are ways to save on waste rather than just figuring ways of hicking fees to worker and businesses incomes. I feel we each need to respect our freedoms between citizens and more so between legislators and the citizenry which pay their way; fair is fair and what I've seen with Uber is that in the time they've employed this ride-share concept into a truly working model it's been marking success to it's business model and it's concerned 360°, I feel that our governor and his staff should congratulate rather than work on curtailing this wonderfully affordable service. in real time now the average taco bell(as all fast-food service)employees can make it to work 'on time' affordably, safely and efficiently 24x7 Uber makes that possible, not municipal bus service, or light rail. I'm all for the freedom respecting our individual possibilities to earn money with out having to meet criterias that part-time of full employment may or may not require. in conclusion just like to shout out to not discriminate on the gig workers of america, we love our "just freedom" to earn our money on our own time as we find it. thank you california legislators and govenor

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