Independent Driver
I support keeping drivers as independent contractors and I also support drivers getting medical benefits. This is more complicated than just saying I support the current situation. We(drivers) have to work 12 hrs a day to make $200-300 a day and usually $50-70 a day goes to gas. Then if you take out the taxes that’s another 1/3 of your daily earnings. Now for my situation I am leasing a car through Fair that costs $213 or $118 or it’s free if I drive enough to get both bonuses. In order to get all the bonuses offered for the lease I have to drive full time which contradicts Uber’s format as a side gig. So you can tell that there is no way I could afford to pay for my own medical insurance, pay my rent, buy gas, food etc., at this current pay and conditions. If drivers are working a certain amount of hours they should be offered insurance. And the offers Uber currently have for this and gas are not realistic. I earned over $900 last week and after gas and the cost for the lease I had around $500 left. Now in California that’s enough to pay rent, utilities, phone, and maybe one or two other bills. Yes food was not mentioned. Uber is making billions off its drivers and still taking 30-45% of each rides cost. I’ve talked to riders and they all have said they wouldn’t mind paying more for the service if the cost is increased. The higher rating, amount of rides and hours worked could be factors in who gets paid more, gets medical insurance etc. I know independent workers don’t receive benefits before today. I think this is a time for new rules. Rules that benefit worker and employer. So many companies are making millions off the backs of their minimum wage employees. Employees that keep those companies alive. No easy answer