Independent Driver
Governor Newsome, I'm a registered Democrat but before anything, I'm American and the American values are dear to me, such as my indepndency. By signing the AB5 into law, you will push many voters from the "center" to the "right." California lawmakers including Assembly Woman, Ms. Lorena Gonzalez, need opposition before they turn the great state of California into a socialist third world country. We the voters, we the people in Center, will not allow that and we will remember this in 2020 elections. There is no balance of power in your Government, we will send Republicans to your Senate and State Assembly to create the much needed balance which is the very basic factor in a democracy. I'm driving my own car at my own schedule that works for me the best. Uber is my partner and you have absolutely no right to come between us and regulate us. I will continue my Independent contractor status regardless of what you decide. Please reject AB5, you would make many Democrats in the center which are the majority to believe in you and your capability to govern from the center. Again, Uber and I are businness partners and will not allow you to interfer in our business. We have done nothing wrong except not accepting the imported socialist agenda and I personally along with my partner Uber will fight it to the bitter end. You're turning a lifelong Democrat into a Republican which makes me very sad. Please reconsider your actions you're hurting countless independent contractors and consumers. Please Governor, I voted for you, don't make me regret it. We are Americans and the freedom and indepndency are our very basic rights. Thank you for your consideration.