Independent Driver
I need to have the flexability to work when and where i want to. I am a a parentd who is involved with my childs education and need to be able to take care of those needs. Without Uber i would not be able to. I would have to sacrafice my family to earn a living or turn to state help and welfare to be able to survive. I dont want to be a burben on society, however if Uber is forced to make us all employees i may not have a choice. I will have to resort to living off food stamps and cash aide to make it here in california. This job is flexable and thats what i need. I am unable to hold down a normal 9-5 job because of the need i have to have a flexable schedule for my child. If you have any compassion for people you will not pass this. They offer health benefits, uber offers lots of things to help people as a normal business does. They make alot of peoples lives and different situations possible. But its not only uber and lyft drivers that will suffer. Other independant contractors will also suffer from this. This is an at will employement agreement. There is no commitment to having to work 8 hrs a day if it is not possible for your situation. There is no one telling you to pick up someone who could be violent or dangerous. . Well if the new law passes then we can not refuse to pick up people wether it is safe for us or not cause now we would have to do as our employer wanted . . . I dont think this is a just outcome for this situation. People want to go make 20 bucks an hour go to cillege get a degree and apply to a different job. . . People need to stop demanding so much if you dont like your pay or your job find something else. Dont create problems for others who are more than happy to work under these conditions. . . It is an "At -Will" working arraignment. . . We work at our will. . .and Uber gives us this opportunity. Dont take it for granted that you are owed something . . Just to drive people from point A to point B. . . Your not bus drivers or cruise ship captains. . . Your driving a automobile. . . Appreciate what you have and your flexability