Independent Driver
We use Uber for family friends and business trips very quite often and in cities across California. Without the flexibility and availability of lots and lots of drivers our business trips and personal events would be severely limited by having to rent cars for everyone or find unreliable old school "other" driving services (which are NOT on time, do NOT have large vehicles, are usually NOT clean, and do NOT make payment easy) The safety and cleanliness of Uber's drivers and vehicles have always been above and beyond what was out there before rideshare came along...and we thank you all for that. Please California legislators if you are reading this... please update your employment laws and standards. The current 40 hours and then Overtime means almost zero employers give workers who WANT to work...the chance to work, because overtime and double-time make it impossible for small business to succeed and large corporate business has the resources to make everyone part-time. Then lunch periods and break periods are only making employment lawyers rich and small business poor...and big business leaving the state. If workers want to skip lunch and breaks and just work...let them...just stay clocked in and keep working and keep making money...why force the public to do what they don't like and doesn't. We just helped a local small business startup get their paperwork in order for hiring new workers under Californias employment laws and they were in shock when it came to 18 different brochures/pamphlets/worksheets totaling 65 about cutting down those trees. Anyhow please please please make it easier to work and earn money in this state and make it easier to be a small business and give everyone that wants a job...a real job.

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